alkaline cache deep spring water

Naturally pH9.6 New Zealand spring water. Untouched by sunlight. Unlike any other water.

alkaline cache deep spring water

Naturally pH9.6 New Zealand spring water. Untouched by sunlight. Unlike any other water.

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About Us

Our perfect water originates 145 metres (475 feet) below a rural valley in the North Island of New Zealand. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is one of the most isolated and unpopulated nations on earth. Our water’s high alkalinity is due to the hundreds of years it spends filtering through the rock bed that sits deep below our land. The water we deliver to you first fell as rain on New Zealand hundreds of years ago – perhaps before the first humans ever walked here.

Our premium range, Alkaline Cache, is unique. Our spring delivers pristine, naturally high-alkaline artesian water. Its alkalinity has been certified as 9.4 to 9.6 – well above the 7.0 to 8.0 claimed by others. And our 100% natural water uses absolutely no artificial processes to elevate its pH – it’s exactly as it flows from the source.

Not only is Alkaline Cache pristine, beautifully tasting spring water. Its also ideal for an alkaline diet. A growing number of health-conscious consumers worldwide are adopting an alkaline diet. Drinking Alkaline Cache daily is an easy and enjoyable way to add alkalinity to your daily food and drink intake.

We hope you can feel the pride and passion we have for our perfect water, here at Ora 10. By the designs we have created, the technology we have incorporated, the values we uphold and the quality we deliver.

Our values

We’re committed to producing a premium quality, pristine, naturally high-alkaline water. Our passionate team of experts include water safety technicians, hydrologists and design and logistics specialists. We test, design, bottle and transport our water, ensuring all New Zealand and international water safety standards are met every step of the way.

Our dark secret

Rather than the typical clear glass or plastic bottle, Alkaline Cache is delivered and served in UV-protected opaque bottles and eco-casks. Why? By protecting our water from sunlight during collection, bottling and shipping we remove any chance of damage or degeneration due to sunlight. It’s as if you’re drinking the water right from the spring.

Definition of "Cache"
Noun - a hiding place for food, treasures
Verb - to put in a cache; conceal; hide


When water (or tap water) is exposed to extended periods of direct sunlight or heat sources, algae or mold may infrequently develop

Our products

Our values reflect a commitment to produce a premium quality product of pristine, naturally high-alkaline water.

10 litre Bladder in a box.

PET handy personal-serve bottles

750ml Glass Club Bottle