Posted on Tuesday, August 02, 2016

My top 10 business applications for small to medium businesses

When I was approached by Spark two months ago, to run a presentation evening on new "Technology Tools" for business, I wasnt quite sure if I was the right person for the job.  You see, whilst I have owned and run a tech business over the years, I've always been the business person; the person who builds the team (of much smarter people than myself) and runs the budgets and processes which help them do an amazing job. I've not really considered myself to be a "tech expert".

However, with that said I have started several businesses, and sub companies, over the past 12 years with technology, so I have come to realise that I have become somewhat of an expert on "lean startup techniques" using technology.  Afterall, mostly these businesses start with myself and my partners slaving away (either remotely or together in a "garage"), trying to grow a seed of an idea into a great business.  There is never enough hours in the day.  Never enough money and never enough people and resources.  Through this process of hardship, in growing a business and running a small to medium sized enterprise, Ive come to realise that its been the development of technology tools for businesses, over the years, which really have helped us get there!  

Through cloud based platforms especially, we have been able to create "disaster mitigation" strategies and protocols, "employ" staff and bring in experts remotely and through software, to assist us when we hit a road-block and require skill sets outside of our own.  Through these tools and platforms we get work done inexpensively, effectively; taking away pain-points and "the elephant in the room" (our impediments)

So when building this new business, I've used everything I learnt from my previous businesses.  Yes, of course I've brought in the same technology tools which were invaluable in my last business.  However I havent stopped there and am always growing, learning and pushing myself to look for new tools to help us.  In doing so Ive found some new, fantastic and innovative platforms and implemented them into Ora 10.  The water industry is new to Ross and I, however our business practices are tried and true, with new experts now at our finger tips.

Ive attached a link to an interview I did, just prior to my presentation at SparkLabs this July, for a Chinese Television station here in Auckland.  I will post also the full presentation, once the editing is complete and it is released by Spark.


Enjoy (click on this link): Chinese Television Interview; Shona on Tech Tools for Business